Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Night Show

So Sunday night was pretty crazy too. Went back into the city to catch a concert at Bar Standard, near one of the covered shopping malls in the city. Little hard to find the place, since the directions and street signs were all in Japanese, but I eventually found my way there. I knew my friend Ar was singing at the show, but what I didn't know was that one of the other bands from Totokin's night was headlining. Their name: The Bigdicks. One word. I love the Japanese. Every time the lead guitarist said their name, he'd look at me and flash a thumbs up. Vulgar anatomy references aside, these guys can play. For your viewing pleasure, I've included one of the videos I shot during their set. It starts off a little slow, but then he gets into his solo, and great fun ensues. Hope you enjoy!

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