Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yah, I realize it's been about a month since I posted last, I apologize. It's been cold here, I've been busy with applications, insert excuse here. In any case, I'll start posting again now that it's been warming up, and I've been venturing outside more. Most of the stuff is inane little tidbits I've come across over the past month or so, mostly having to do with what I eat or drink, but that isn't really different from what I've been posting about all along. So without further ado, here's something interesting: boob ice cream.

I know, it's not the real name of the dessert, but that's what it looks like. Here's how you eat it. First, remove the plastic packaging. Second, cut off the nipple. Third, put your mouth on it and suck as hard as you can, because the ice cream is as firm as a rock. Congratulations, after giving yourself permanent inner ear damage from the pressure change, you get vanilla ice cream. Without a doubt, one of the hardest methods to eat ice cream. I had two of these little delicacies, the first time I ate it, most of it melted, so when I got to the end, the liquid part squirted all over my shirt. The second time, I squeezed it too hard, causing a massive explosion, and showering my clothes, my couch, my walls, and just about every wall in my living room with ice cream. Clearly, I must be doing something wrong. Still, vanilla ice cream is good, so I might try this again.

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