Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We had Rand, they have ramen

On Mondays Lisa (my fellow teacher) and I eat lunch in the medical school cafeteria and hold a chat club. What that means in practice is eating lunch together and watching as our students look in our direction, then walk quickly away. They're a little shy about speaking outside of the classroom, which isn't really a surprise considering how reticent they are to speaking inside the classroom. Anyways, this week I snagged a picture of my lunch just to show the difference between what I ate at Vandy, and what these guys get every day. The main dish is a nice big bowl of ramen, the kitchen staff rotate what type of ramen it is every week, not that I ever really know the identities of any of the types, but at least it's something new. The top left dish is kimchi, yum. In the middle is a tempura style eggplant, also yum. The thing on the right is a breaded mashed potato, mystery meat mix, bathed in katsu sauce, which is similar to A1. To wash it all down, a nice cup of green tea. All in all, much better than Best Wok, and about a hundred times more healthy. The food is good enough that it almost makes up for the fact that our students avoid us like we have the plague. Oh well, maybe they'll be less shy next semester.

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